Learn How to Stay Healthy

Get outside and play

  • Go for a walk around the neighborhood,
  • go for a hike
  • ride bicycles or scooters,
  • swim, go to the park
  • build a garden
  • play tag
  • kick a soccer ball,
  • hold a relay race,
  • play four-square

Rainy day activities

  • Stay active with an exercise DVD (like Jumpstart Your Health!)
  • Try yoga, hoola hoop or jumping rope
  • Do jumping jacks, push-ups or sit-ups
  • Play an active dance or sports video game that gets you moving

Stay hydrated

  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day
  • Drink more if you are playing sports
  • Water is preferred over sports drinks because many sports drinks contain a lot of sugar.

No more than 2 hours of screen time a day

  • Read
  • Pick up a hobby like art or photography
  • Play a game with your family like cards or a board game
  • Get your 60 minutes of active play in each day!