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The workout routines include fun exercises kids will enjoy!

The Workouts Include:

• Warmup

• Mobility

• Strength Exercises

• Agility

• Dance

Teaches Kids:

• Cardiovascular conditioning

• Body Awareness

• Coordination

• Strength

• Rhythm

You will enter the KFIT HEALTHY WORLD where we take you on a journey to learn about nutrition and healthy behaviors and then to the fitness center for some fun activity. This graphically enhanced world presents exercise and nutrition in an exciting and imaginative way.

"Jumpstart Your Health " is a 14-day program designed to "jumpstart" kids on their way to better fitness and health. After 14 days, they can continue to do the workouts to maintain their fitness.

Pick 7 out of 14 days for the healthy tip of the day and immediately join Anna and her friends for Workout 1 or Workout 2. On the days in between using Jumpstart Your Health DVD, kids should try and stay active in any way they'd like. They can play after school with friends, go for a bike ride, or take a walk with a family member or friend. They should be practicing the healthy tips that they learn along the way. Now let's get ready, get set, and GET FIT!

The Healthy Tips

Watch Dr. Pat, Anna, and their friends show you how to be active and learn about good nutrition. The healthy tips will teach about how to put more fruits and vegetables in your day, limiting sugar-sweetened drinks, playing at least 60 minutes every day, and more!